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Automatic Machine for Cheese Bread – FB-500-PLC

Ideal for the manufacture of: Cheese Bread, Cheese Stick, Chipa in various sizes and formats.

Want boosting your productions? FB-500-PLC is ideal machine!

Production of up to 1500 kg / hour ;

Works with plastic trays 40 x 60 cm

It products 10 g 120 g ( this may vary depending on the type of dough and filling);
It has mass tub to 50 liters .


Easy to setup and operate via the Touch Screen PLC screen

dosage adjustments and positioning of the tray all the PLC automatically distributes the products in the tray.

It lets you save the settings in the PLC memory

It works silently

simpler machine mechanics

Statement on the PLC screen faults and open security sensors

More productive and low maintenance.

Construction  steel INOX 304  and  non-toxic materials  which makes it superior to common steel items such as impact resistance, heat and corrosion. With high resistance to oxidation and corrosion becomes optimal for food production because it prevents rust particles which can alter the product composition at the time of production.

With a wide range of molds FB-500-PLC is provided in three molds.

Conveyor for transporting the trays to facilitate feeding;

Height adjustment of the motorized head;
Easy adjustment , operation and cleaning ;
Security system as NR-12.

FREE technical support and training in our Technical Center.

Own production in our factory, you can attending the progress of the process till the completion.

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