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Panitec - Development and Machinery Manufacturing

Panitec was founded in the city of Maringa, Parana State in 1991 by Carlos Bianco, who has worked in the food industry designing and manufacturing equipment

Over the years, through hard work, dedication and technological development, Panitec became recognized in the development and manufacture of machinery for food, among them to production: Empanadas, pastries, pierogi, croissant, puff pastries, cheese bread, toothpick cheese bread, cheese stuffed bread, chipa, butter cookies, coxinha, kebab, croquette, churros, cheese ball and more.

We also develop breading machine for Coxinha, croquette, cheese balls. Automatic filling machine for garlic bread, cake frosting machines, pizzas, cakes, pies and others. Metering developed for filling or dosing semi-liquid, pasty, creamy product, for example, cake masses, fillings, Cat-Chup, mustard, sauces, jellies, honey.
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