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About us

Panitec - Development and Machinery Manufacturing

Panitec was founded in the city of Maringa, Parana State in 1991 by Carlos Bianco, who has worked in the food industry designing and manufacturing equipment.

Over the years, through hard work, dedication and technological development, Panitec became recognized in the development and manufacture of machinery for food, among them to production: Crayons, Empanadas, Pastries, Pierogi Croissant, cheese bread, toothpick cheese, cheese Stuffed Bread, Chipa, Buttered, Coxinha, Kebab, croquette, Churros, Polka Dot cheese, Patty, Stuffed Gnocchi. It also develops Table Empanadeira to Salgados: Coxinha, Kebab, croquette, cheese and Polka Dot Other. Automatic machine to fill Garlic Bread, Anti machines for applying mold or Caldas in breads, pizzas, cakes, pies and others. Metering developed for filling or dosing semi-liquid, pasty, creamy product, for example, cake masses, fillings, Cat-Chup, mustard, sauces, jellies, honey.

In 2008, after several expansions, the company moves to its new premises, also in Maringa / Parana, factory 1500 m². It has a team of trained and qualified staff to provide the best in all aspects to their customers. It has an engineering department and manufacturing plant with modern machines ensuring accuracy and quality throughout the manufacturing process.

The Panitec is also recognized in the Brazilian market, its customers, suppliers and partners for the quality of its products, excellence in service, for professional ethics and business, the social context, achieving with this first-tier suppliers, satisfied customers, healthy partnerships, employees committed to the company, and broad view of the Brazilian food market. Thanks to all this work earned overseas clients providing for various European countries, USA, Canada. Central America and South America.