Conheça a função dos principais equipamentos para sua fábrica de salgados

Know the function of the main equipment for your salt factory

Opening a company in the food business requires the entrepreneur some care and investments. Among the main resources for the business to succeed is the acquisition of machinery that contributes to the productivity of the team, the quality of the products and the agility of the deliveries to customers.

Essential for the company to appeal to consumers and be successful, the choice of equipment for their salt factory needs to be well planned. To help you define which ones are most relevant to you at this time, we’ve outlined the functions and advantages of four of the salt production machines currently available at Panitec. Check:

Volumetric automatic dosing

  • Equipment used to measure semi, pasty and creamy products
  • Allows to dose products with crystallized fruit or other solid elements
  • It is accompanied by mat that automates the processes and allows application of different nozzles
  • Counts with differentiated models, which can be chosen according to the production scale of your company

Enjoy and know 3 advantages of the volumetric automatic dosing

Baking Machines and empanadas

  • Automatic equipment ideal for food production such as pastels, empanadas, puffs and Pierogi
  • have touch screen panel for operation control, cylinder calibrator with support, cutters, advance and automatic dosage
  • Can be purchased in the models for 1,300, 3,000 or 5,000 pieces per hour
  • are manufactured in materials resistant to impact, heat and corrosion

Click here to see the models of machines for pastels and empanadas

Garlic Bread Fillers

  • Proven quality machines to inject fillings in garlic bread and similar products such as muffins, cakes and other
  • are available in five different models, with variation of cut, dimension, production capacity per hour
  • It has optional module inserting breads into packing tray or plastic bag
  • With pneumatic drive and certified security system

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Anti Application Machines

  • Bread and pasta equipment, which can also be used in Caldas, sponge cake, eggnog and other
  • Account with presence sensor, which only sprays the anti solution when the item is exactly at the location indicated for application
  • Special model that ensures the hygiene of production and that does not use compressed air
  • Makes the process faster and more practical, increasing productivity and saving the products applied

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Continue following the Panitec blog to learn more about these and other important equipment for your salt factory.

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  1. Dirceu Gomes says:

    Sou formado em pedagogia, pós graduação em educação especial, mas meu interesse mesmo é por a mão na massa, meu sonho é ter uma fábrica de salgados e doces, me dou bem na cozinha e quando comecei a ver as máquinas que fabricam fiquei muito interessado. Sei que estou com muitas dificuldades, mas basta uma chance para que eu possa mostrar o quanto me empenho e dedicação eu tenho. Obrigado, gostei muito das máquinas.

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