3 tendências do setor de food service em 2018

3 trends in the food service sector in 2018

According to the Brazilian Association of Food Industries (ABIA), sales of the food service industry have grown by an average of 13.5% a year in the last 10 years. The data shows the potential that this sector presents, even in a crisis scenario, representing an important part of the Brazilian economy.

The food production market in this profile is relatively recent in the country, but it already has a growth that drives the opening of new businesses in the sector, among them salty manufacturing companies, as well as industries, distributors, restaurants, snack bars and franchises.

With the prospect of resumption of economic growth, the sector expects to see good results in 2018, considering the food habits of Brazilians and seeking to reach a larger market share to generate more jobs and reach an increasingly relevant public.

Here are some key trends in the food service industry for the coming year:

1 – Personalization of meals
Brazilian culture is still not very representative in the habit of eating outside the home. Even so, the demand for differentiated forms of practical feeding has grown, especially for parties and events. By 2018, one of the trends is in customizing the food ordered, creating different formats to customize each event.

In the salty business, for example, consumers should look for options that offer greater variety for small, medium, or large parties. Therefore, for companies that operate in the industry, it is important to have varied types of ingredients and menus, to meet the needs and demands of each customer and offer the best experience possible through food.

2 – Natural and healthy lines
Concern about health has been a trend that only grows around the world, which is very positive not only for the quality of life of people, but also for the possibilities of the food market. The natural lines have been sought after by consumers of all types of meal, from drinks to cheese bread. The ease of access to information and differentiated products makes people more careful about the ingredients used and value products that cause positive effects to the body.

Therefore, the production of zero lactose, gluten-free and low-calorie foods tends to be a relevant perspective not only for the next year but also for the following ones. Alongside this, it is important to guarantee the origin of all the raw material used and position itself as a promoter of organic and natural products.

3 – Use of technology and innovation in production
Exploring the development of technology is a trend shared by all markets. Today, the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine modernization are accessible to all sectors and can positively transform industrial production and service delivery. The same goes for the food service industry.

Companies that do not have specialized equipment for food production end up falling behind in the competitive race of this segment. This is because the technology helps ensure the quality and standardization of all production, as well as contribute to employee safety and streamline the entire process.

And you, what do you think is going to be a trend in the food service sector for 2018? Leave your comment below.

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